Übersetzung eines Interviews auf Englisch! :)

Hey dears!

Special about Milan Stankovic! :D

In order to inform many people who can't speak serbian or german I made a translation of the article which was released in a serbian magazine called "Scandal". It's a new one!
My English is not the best so don't expect a good language. Sorry!

I= Interviewer M = Miki

1 Page:

I: This weekend Milan Stankovic will give a concert in Zurich. After one year his fans will see him on the stage of the club "Jil" and there will be a europe tour also.
We ask ourself if you can do all this alone.

M: How do you mean alone? Just 'cause I'm not with Granda anymore I'm working alone?

I: Alone against all... Ha,ha...

M: Sure I was alone before too 'cause I think more about myself and my carrer than anyone other. Futher on the strings are in my hand and it's fine to be th host for oneself. And it has nothing to do with Rada! I make myself ready for the tour and for my CD. I was working hard on it so I think that will be great for them who wait for me that long time.

I: What if Rada be your manager and how much harder would it be...

M: Do you think so... That's a good point but it would be on a laughable niveau...
(About this questeions and answer I'm not sure but it's not that important for the hole context)

I: Why don't you want to speak about the break with Granda. Is there a problem?

M: There aren't any problems. This theme was in media the hole time and always my name was setting in this context in magazins and newspapers. We have break just friendly and in good ways and as a professional I won't talk about details.

I: Just because of this?

M: Yes, just because of this!

I: A few colleagues talked about how u lose your trousers intentionally because of "Paparazzo potere" ( a serbian news report in TV ) on the streets.

M: They followed me four or five times before and it's awful that this is published even in TV. That it's a shame for me but it happened...

I: What where you doing with Rada in the car when your trousers were opened?

M: We weren't alone in the car! (Rest I don't know how to translate but it's nothing important)

I: I was just thinking you do it with another intention?

M: Do you know what...How should I say it to you...( a serbian methapor. you can say that he pretending that nothing happened)

I: Do you know that they followed you?

M: Everytime when they followed me I was surprised. I'm not one of them who turned around just to look if I'm followed by someone. This was the fourth or the fifth time they filmed me and I know it when it's shown in the TV. I don't like it. I'm sad about it but in Serbia I had just expert the bad side of Hollywood. In Hollywood happen this thinks, too but it's not hat bad if you have fans on every side. Here they chat around and talked about if there was Rada in the car or not. If my trousers were open or closed.

Page 2:

I: A week before there were fans from the netherlands?

M: They had wait for me after the show! This was also in "Paparazzo poteri" and they made fun of it! They said dogs were waiting there and no fans. I just gave them time, a hole family came just to see me and that's a big pleasure. I would like it if this happen to someone in the serbian music buisness to have international fans, too. This wasn't the first time. A girl from Turkey was there before Granda and they called me to come and meet her.

I: That's very nice!

M: I'm proud of it and it's my goal. It's that which feeds me and says to me that what I do is the thing I should do. That's true love from people around the world who aren't feel ashamed to tell that they like me.

I:Lately you said in an interview that your colleagues didn't do something special in one year. That hurt! Do you really think they didn't do something special?

M: That's a mistake. They asked me if there was anyone who take the chance to make something which has a negativ effect on my doing when I wasn't there. I haven't any conflict and you jounalists want to make something out of something which has no real background!

I: Sure, the journalists at fault. I had seen on Ami G show that you named Jelena Karlerusa...

M: Do you think I have a reason to namend Jelena Karlerusa and that we are in a conflict or in a war?

I: I don't think so. She was the only one who protected you when you had a conflict with Popovic!

M: If you think I make a fun of someone who is on my side, I don't know what do you think of me!

I: But on who you make fun of?

M: Nobody! I was just saying what was on my mind. She isn't the only one who dosen't say a word. I just saying that genrally cause I'm first, no one expect something of me.

I: Your single "Perje" is diffrent from the stuff you have done before. What do we have to expect from you?

M: Sure it's diffrent cause it's a personal present for my fans. You can expect new songs on the album. I'm not going to be a singer just for ballades. There will be songs with energy, too.

I: Will there be your songs as well?

M: I'm very self-critical and I have boot out a few songs from the album which were written by myself.Vanity wasn't in the first place. With this thinking I will work to be the author on this album.

I: In your break you get the chance to hear what your colleagues were doing. What do you like?

M: Uuuuu! Just make me remember what was going on... I never take an insperation from the serbian scene. I was doing my things and in a year it was "mainstream". That was the same with the song "Face". I just take the situation from the moment and a year later every second song had this theme.

I: Which song will you prepare from your colleagues when you start working.

M: What is there, just tell some...

I: Here, Dzenan...

M: I like "Putnicka" (Damn, I like this song, too!!!) It's addicted to the program. Usally I sing old songs. Even if I like the new songs it's hard to sing them.

I: When you breaked up with Granda Popovic said we will see you in their shows and you didn't say it's true...You wasn't prepared to give your word!

M: Don't look at it just in balck an white! It won't be that I will never be a guest there but I will never acted like there wasn't something also. We stayed friendly and it's just addicted to the work.

I: It looks like that you forgive Sasa Popovic. And Ziki?

M: How do you mean forgive?

I: I had seen you and Popovic talked behinde the scene!

M: I just communicate normally cause I done nothing bad.

I: And Zika?

M: With Zika, too. Just normally!

I: Without anyting?

M: Don't ask something like that! I have no intention to be misunderstood in this context again!

I: You know I'm a journalist and ask everthing...

M: I know what you want and think.

I: You and Rada have got a real relationship, right?'

M: When something is taken that long without problems it's a real, emotional and deep realtionship. But it isn't that much that we take part in a show together and chat about intimate things or plans!

I: It looks strange when you hide everything.

M: It was so much trouble in the first steps of our realtionship cause of the reactions and so on it would be annoing for us. We both have a strong hold to our work and it's good that people think of us as singer and not of a public parade!

I: Is there any jealousy?

M: I don't want to talk about our realtionship anymore.

I: In the last summer she had cried cause of you. I had seen her three or four times crying.

M: I know that you seen her crying but I wasn't the reason. You just write something which wasn't true, so don't talk about something you have seen!

I: I just say that in the wrong way. You wasn't the reason. The situation which you were been was the reason.

M: Because of this saying in a wrong way I take a journalist to the court. They write everything about me and make me the reason why she hadn't any performances.

I: In my opinion she was doing a lot of work...

M: No,no,no... You know about everything and I don't have to explain it to you!

I: I just want to say that she had take it emotionally that you have a break that time!

M: But she hadn't cry because of this! Don't make roumers again!

I: Okay...

M: Is it true or not? You were there and know why she had cry! You just write some nonsens and THIS you can write down!

I: Which nonsens?

M: Do I have to say that to you? Will this at least released in the interview?!

Page 3:

I: Say it, I just want to know!

M: I don't trust you. I found out that journalists write down nonsens!

I: I give you the copyright on this interview and if something is missing just complain!

M: (laughing) Never mind..

I: Now I know! I think Rada cried because of Granda that time!

M: Because of Milan or Granda?

I: Because of Granda. That's what she said to me when we met.

M: E, thank you for the replay...

I: I remember but I thought you was the reason. I wan to ask you if you can take scarfacing youself because of her?

M: In our realtionship I'm the one who had the bad carma. Always! But I'm ready for everything!

I: And what's the truth?

M: Honestly, because of all these false statemants I give up to take care that they be corrected by me. The most important thing for me is what I'm showing to the world and I'm not always in the media to correct things!

I: Are you annoyed?

M: (laughing)

I: Or are you just want to go to the toilett?

M: (laughing) I hold on...

I: Okay, I make it fast that you don't lose your trousers again!

M: Joj, pity...

I: I must ask you this... Are you the leading one in your realationship?

M: I am just sad about the fact that in every context I'm the bad one. Nonsens like our relationship isn't a real one or something like I screamed at her and so she couldn't sing. There are so many contexts but there is just one problem, we don't want to talk about our realtionship! We are honest in every way and there isn't jaelously or something like that!

I: Maby you are guilty cause you said nothing. Why didn't you said that were nonsens?

M: I didn't want to sink to this niveau that I give a comment about every single news! That's like put out a blaze with benzine and not with water.I just let them talk about and look on it from the side perpective.

I: Have you been on Brenas concert?

M: No, I weren't here!

I: And if you were here would you be gone?

M: I was never on a serbian concert before! I just like foreign concerts!

I: And what if acolleague invited you?

M: But I wasn't invited!

I: You said you haven't friends in this buisness. Aren't they good enough to be friends with you?

M: I haven't the time to make friends in the serbian scene and I never thought about it. Maybe it's better that everyone go their own way.

I: I know that Milena Ceranic and Nemanja Stevanovic were with you?

M: Just you take this connections. I'm with everyone good and there isn't a war against Granda! That's nonsens and don't talk about it anymore!

I: What's wrong with you? I just asked if there is antoher person besides Milena and Nemanja who visited you at home?

M: When I was in "Zvezde Granda " I doing a lot with colleagues. I have just a small circle of friends and they aren't in the scene. And there is no reason behind that I haven't any relation to someone from the scene. It just happened. Maybe after sometimes I find myself a "best friend forever" there.

I: Would you call Bregovic to work with you?

M: We had talk after ESC but we hadn't talk about songs. But I haven't any objections that I have a Balkan hit again.

I: He is overenjoyed by you?

M: That matters a lot for me! As someone who is a professor in our job and an idol who have done a lot of things for serbian music I am proud to be a singer who he worked with!

I: You both are stubborn. How do you worked together?

M: I don't know. I'm just stuborn if someone wants to push me till I say something negative. In my studies I'm always prepared for something new, specially when there is someone who is competent like Goran Bregovic. Goran is just someone...who is still on the ground.

I: You make a dent to me like you were a really stuborn person?

M: When I have a goal I want to reach it! Specially when I have an idea. The song "Face" didn't have to be released on the album. And I said it must be! I was stuborn. When it's about ideas and courage I'm stuborn.

I: Do you know how to deal with criticism?

M: Sure! As a proof you can take the songs I boot out from my album.

I: Do you get the chance to hear how Rada was sining the song "Bred Pitt" earlier than Severina sing it?

M: Yes!

I: How was the song in your opinion?

M: I heard a hit but Milos and Filip take pains that she had a bigger hit than "Brad Pitt" on her album.

I: It's a pity for you that Rada gave it to Severina?

M: I don't want to replay. I don't know what it was good for.

Iterviewer : Ivan Vukovic Copyright by Magazine Scandal

Iterviewer : Ivan Vukovic Copyright by Magazine Scandal

Iterviewer : Ivan Vukovic Copyright by Magazine Scandal

Iterviewer : Ivan Vukovic Copyright by Magazine Scandal

If you finde some grama mistakes or some spelling errors... Sorry!
It's just to know what is the Inerview about.

So then, good night everyone!

Flidra x3

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